Du-All Employee Security

michigan janitorial servicesAt Du-All Cleaning Inc. our hiring practices are some of the strictest in the industry. We care who puts on that Du-All uniform and represents our company. More importantly, we care who goes into your business! We don't hire every person who applies at our company like some competitors do. We have a list of high priority hurdles they must pass to be employed at Du-All before they even start the training process.

1. Background Check. This check is not done online, instead we hire a private investigative firm to do a thorough top to bottom background check.

2. Drug screening done by a board of certified doctors. Not a test kit from the drug store, this is to assure that this employee prospect is completely free of drugs.

3. All employees must be uniformed. Employees must wear
Du-All uniforms at all times while working. No jeans or ripped clothing.

4. Security badge with picture & employee number along
with level of position so our customers know who is who at all times.

5. All employees must be certified in job safety practices.

6. All employees must be certified in several areas of cleaning
and practicing the latest techniques.