Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning

We at Du-All Cleaning Inc. pride ourselves in using the latest in commercial carpet cleaning technology. When it comes to carpet cleaning, we are proud to offer high grade truck mounted carpet cleaning services. Du-All Cleaning Inc. utilizes state of the art truck mounts ranging from 25hp all the way up to 70hp and high performance steam cleaning machines.

Du-All Cleaning Inc offers their famous 9 step carpet cleaning process which is performed by uniformed employees who are certified in high temperature steam cleaning and truck mount carpet cleaning.

The Du-All 9 Step Process

1. Move Light Furniture
2. Pre-vacuum
3. Spot Check
4. Spot Clean
5. Pre-spray
6. Agitate the Carpet
7. Allow Dwell Time
8. Steam Clean
9. Deodorize Carpet

Du-All Cleaning Inc. also uses portables when security doors may be an issue. Only the latest in portable technology and dual process is also an option along with bonnet & steam extract. Du-All also offers the encapsulation process which is quick and safe.