Vinyl Tile Floor Maintenance

commercial floorDu-All Cleaning Inc. Prides itself on our tile floor programs. Whether you are a department or retail store with nightly floor maintenance needs or a school or office property with weekly or monthly floor service needs, Du-All does it all! When it comes to floors we are the best. Our floor training classes are second to none with two full days of classroom and 3 tests on floors alone. As far as equipment goes, just visit our Equipment Page and look at how much floor equipment we actually have on hand. So much so we even rent to smaller cleaning companies and independent customers.

We Service Floors

Stripping, Scrubbing and Re-Coating (Waxing) floors.

Cleaning and high speed burnishing of vinyl floors. We use only the finest floor products available in the industry. High percentage solids in all of our finishes.

We Service all types of Floors as well as Vinyl.

1. Industrial Concrete and Epoxy Floors
2. Wood Floors
3. Ceramic Tile, Marble and Stone Floors
4. Asphalt Tile Floors
5. Carpet Floors
6. Standard Concrete

There is not a floor we do not Service! At Du-All Cleaning Inc. floors are the backbone of what we do.

When it comes to floors, Du-All does it all!

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